Definition - What is it
It is a process that starts with the design of the intervention, defining who is going to be the target population, how is going to be implemented, when are going to be the different phases of the intervention and establishing mechanisms for internal and external coordination as well as for communicating with beneficiaries. It is mandatory a context review before starting the execution. Resources, both human and material shall be adjusted to the objective aimed.

Logic in the TOOLBOX
It is conducted at the end of the response analysis process, in which the type of intervention is chosen but still needs to be refined to a grass root level of implementation. In fact this module starts with a review of the response proposed at the end of the response analysis module.

Location Tool name
Job Description. Livelihood and CTP focal point / head of department
Livelihoods Coordination Groups, 2015
Gender checklists with questions to ask and actions to take
Risk Analysis
4W-5W Matrix Template. Cluster Response Summary
Budget definition Template
Defining a Plan of Action
Human Resources Plan Template
Logical Framework Template
Work Plan Template
Key Issues for Community-based Targeting
Targeting Criteria
Targeting. Target Level and Targeting mechanisms
Internal Coordination Mechanism and Key Coordination Responsibilities of Livelihoods Technical Working Group
Internal Coordination. Roles and Responsibilities
Key elements for Response Coordination
The importance of adapted and effective communication for coordination
Livelihood Baseline Template
Human Resources. Template for Livelihood-related Job Descriptions
Livelihood Key Programme Indicators (outcome level)
Template for Budget Allocation and Distribution
Beneficiary Communication and Accountability Plan Template
Accountability to Beneficiaries Checklist
Accountability to beneficiaries. Our commitments to: accountability to beneficiaries and the communities where we work
Humanitarian Accountability Framework
Practical Guide for Accountability to Beneficiaries
Accountability to Beneficiaries: Communication
Check List. Accountability to Beneficiaries: Communication
Communication approach review checklist
Communication Plan Template. Accountability to Beneficiaries: Communication
Guide for Accountability to Beneficiaries: Keys for Good Communication
How to select Communication Options
Ten communications rules
Complaint and Response Mechanisms
Complaint and Response System
CRM (Complaint and Response Mechanism) Information Recording Template
Feed back and complaint key elements
Feedback and complaint form template
Participatory Communication
Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
Build staff capacity
Human Resources Skills
Consorcia agreement
Agreement with "farmers leader/village leader"
Agreement with Beneficiary
Agreement with Beneficiary (reception cash)
Agreement with CBO
Agreement with government
Agreement with banks
Agreement with private sector. Training company
Service agreement with financial institutions
Beneficiary Registration Form
Mega V. Software for Registration and Humanitarian Assistance Distribution
Mobile data Collection. ODK (Open Data Kit) System
Mobile Data Collection. Surveying Reminders
Cash and In-kind Distribution Plan
Cash in Emergencies Toolkit
Crop Production Monitoring Template
Crop Register Form
Distribution Control Form for Productive Inputs
Gender-inclusive Cash for Work Programs
Seed Vouchers and Fairs: a Manual for Seed-Based Agricultural Recovery after Disaster in Africa
Training Attendance Form Template