2.2. Analyze problems, causality relations and related needs

Location Tool name
Typical Effects of Different Types of Natural Disaster
Complete coping Strategies Analysis
Overview of Categories of Coping Strategies
Simple coping strategies analysis
Example of Response Analysis Process
How can different types of livelihoods assistance be used in programming
Needs Analysis and Response Options. Impact and Needs Analysis and Response Options
How to assess needs that put lives and/or livelihood at risk
Livelihood Needs Analysis based on Livelihood capitals
Needs Analysis. Examples of evidence of risk to lives and livelihood outcomes
Scoring Livelihood capitals Access and Ownership
Tips for Rapid Calculations of Impact of Disaster on Employment
Vulnerabilities common among the urban poor
Dawn in the City: Guidance for Achieving Self-Reliance for Urban Refugees
Livelihood strategies. Some strategies used by poor households
Range of possible responses to address identified needs
Targeting Criteria
Targeting. Target Level and Targeting mechanisms
Guidelines poverty and LH analysis for targeting in IFAD projects