Definition - What is it
It is the process of ensuring that the organization is in a state of readiness to implement livelihood programs both when responding to the effects after the impact of a disaster or in non-crisis situation. This module aims to help organizations supporting on livelihoods to the most affected or vulnerable populations while maintaining their capabilities and resources to continue to sustain their essential functions without being overwhelmed by the demand placed on them.

Logic in the TOOLBOX
It is the first module to be conducted and it is needed before facing the implementation of a livelihood program. It covers two different ways of preparedness:

  • The internal one, making sure that the resources within the organization are in place and the operational plans have been developed to face the possible scenarios. It comprise the capacity building plan and all the additional steps and substeps before its implementation.
  • The external one, embedded in the implementation step as a part of the Operational level, has been separated from capacity building since it is aimed to contingency planning. It involves properly analyzing the different scenarios and developing the preparedness to face them, so it refers to different modules within the toolbox.
Location Tool name
How National Societies achieve Sustainable Organizational Development
The Barefoot Guide
The Emergency Capacity Building (ECB) Project
CTP Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool
IFRC National Society Development Framework 2013
OXFAM EFSVL Partner Capacity Mapping Tool
Inventory of Livelihood Resources in the Organization
Methodology Self Diagnostic Livelihoods Capacities
Self Diagnostic Agenda
Self Diagnostic Evaluation Form
Self Diagnostic Participants
Self Diagnostic Indicators
Self Diagnostic Recommended Actions
Phases of the PoA to enhance the organization capacities
Plan of Action Enhancing the Organization Livelihoods Capacities
CCSDPT-UNHCR Strategic Framework for Durable Solutions
FAO. 2013. Resilient Livelihoods – Disaster Risk Reduction for Food and Nutrition Security Framework Programme
Building an Assessment Team CCAFS_CARE Gender Toolbox
Job Description. Livelihood and CTP focal point / head of department
Livelihoods Training Directory
Livelihoods Coordination Groups, 2015
Markets in Crises community of practice
Evaluation Plan Diagnostic Methodology
Diagnostic Methodology Enhancement Analysis
Recommended Actions Enhancing Livelihoods Capacities