Percentage of economically active workforce that is employed on: a) a short term/temporary basis; and b) a long term/permanent basis

Result level: 



Disaggregated by: 

Geography/Livelihoods zone;
Gender, age, disabilities, chronic diseases (if individuals, associations members, etc.), and any other relevant criteria, such as urban/rural, religious, ethnic or political identities;
Wealth groups; Livelihoods group (e.g. pastoralist, farmers, traders);

Data source: 

Surveillance Baseline and progress (or endline)
Seasonality needs to be considered.

Households Survey, Focus Group Discussion;
Secondary information, other stakeholders information

Measurement Guidance: 

Employment is work or occupational activities to which one is used or being paid wage/salary. Short term refers to gainful engagement between 1 to12 months?; long term is an engagement with tenure more than one year. Engagement that is less than 1 month, in this case, shouldn't be considered as employment. Eligible workforce refers to the number of people of working age and below retirement age who are expected to be actively in the gainful work activities or are actively seeking employment.