Number/percentage of targeted population employed or self-employed in sustainable livelihoods activities [specify if necessary] for a defined period of time.



Result level: 




Change in the number of people employed or self-employed in sustainable livelihoods activities for a defined period of time due to the intervention.

To show sustainability, employment or self-employment should last a defined period of time (6-12 months).
- Includes the increase of people employed or self-employed
- Includes the increase of job created
- Consider formal and informal employment
- Highlight the equally of opportunities for men/women; youth; other remarkable group (e.g. ethic, religious)
Equally opportunities for women/youth/other groups applies depending on the program, normally when the employment/self-employment intervention is not addressed to a specific group.
- It doesn't includes cash for work interventions (temporary employment)

Disaggregated by: 

Geography/Livelihoods zone;
Gender, age, disabilities (if individuals, associations members, etc.);
Head of household gender, age, disabilities, dependency ratio (if households), and any other relevant criteria, such as urban/rural, religious, ethnic or political identities;
Wealth groups;
Period to achieve the objective;

Direction of change: 


Data source: 

Both secondary and primary data collection can be used according to context.
- Baseline/Endline. If multiyear programme consider also a mid-term evaluation.
- Secondary data. Reliable/relevant sources from other actors or government (e.g. assessment information, reference to a normal situation).

Unit of Measurement: Population, but can also be households or productive organizations, or MSME. If percentage:
- Numerator: Number of targeted population employed or self-employed.
- Denominator: Total number of targeted population

Data Collection methods:
Secondary data analysis;
Households Survey, Focus Group Discussions;
Salary records;
MSME/productive organization survey and records.

Measurement Guidance: 

Employment/self-employment sustainability should be defined (e.g. type of contract; duration of the employment/self-employment since it started -six months / one year-, number of client contracts -for self-employments/IGA-, etc.)




X of affected workers in Conakry urban area (from those Y are women) are employed in livelihoods activities (micro-business, small and medium enterprises) for six or more months through the intermediation program